You're about to Discover the Secret of How to Avoid Painful, Costly Mistakes When Entering a Male Dominated Industry...

We've created this Essential Guide, from listening to those who have paved the way, which gives you fantastic tips and strategies on how to balance your life 
and Achieve Success in a Man’s World. 

This guide will give you the answers to the important questions and challenges that all Women face when working in male-dominated industries....
International Author, Entrepreneur and Business Owner
Lynette Gray,
has worked in a man’s world her entire working career.  
It’s time that women have more of a voice in these industries so she 
has set out to provide one.

Want to know more....
In this book you will find amazing insights into how Lynette and other Successful Women are achieving great things in the Mining, Transport, Mechanical, Agriculture and Tradies’ Industries. 

It is the essential guide, from those who have paved the way before, to learning to balance your life and achieve success in a man’s world.
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In this book you will learn...
  • Tips and Secrets from Women who have done the Hard Yards  
  •   The Essential Guide to Achieving your goals when working with men 
  •   How to wear Hi-Viz confidently and stay sassy 
  •   5 key habits of Successful Women in Industry 
  •   How to avoid painful, costly mistakes when entering a male dominated industry. 
  •   Confessions from Women who wear Workboots and Hi-Viz 
  •   3 Powerful Reasons why you can make it in a male dominated industry
David Simon
Simon National Carriers
What others Say about Lynette
“It was satisfying to watch Lynette develop from the time she first joined Simon National Carriers and then ultimately to the point of establishing her own specialised transport business. 

Her initiative now, to inspire other women in the transport and other industries through the sharing of the experiences of many successful women in what are generally perceived to be male dominated industries, will prove to be a useful reminder to many of what can be achieved by “having a go.”

I hope this book inspires everybody who reads it to aspire to achieve whatever goals they set themselves and to become leaders in their chosen fields.”
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Karen Scott
International Author and Speaker
“In 2011 Karen was buried beneath a 2 story building in the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake and survived!
She lost everything that she had worked so hard over many years for. She is the author of the internationally selling book, ‘Rising From the Rubble.' "
What others Say about Lynette

“Lynette Gray’s book is aptly named ‘Women in Workboots’ as the author walks her talk having worked all her life in a male dominated industry. She is a leading expert and a great mentor for women, teaching them that they can do any job that they choose to do.

This book is a must read for women seeking inspiration and the courage to go for it and take up any role in their chosen industry; to not be threatened and held back from stepping out of the so-called ‘norm’ for women’s employment roles. It will give the reader confidence, assurance and the belief that they can indeed do anything they want.

This book will grip the reader and hold them enthralled with the thought provoking and powerfully true stories of prominent and highly successful women and gives a great insight into how women, against all odds, can achieve anything they want – there are no barriers other than those that exist in our own minds. Opportunities are out there and available to women and there are no limits to what we can do.

I highly recommend ‘Women in Workboots.’ It will change your thinking and your life!”
Lets Meet Lynette...
Lynette is a seasoned entrepreneur, international author, investor, and traveler. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, she was destined to make an impact on the business world.

She grew up on a grain property in the country and was happiest working alongside her father either in the shed or out in the paddock. Years later, she assisted her parents with their road-train business transporting cattle and grain.

Before launching her own business, Lynette worked hard at developing a broad range of business skills in a variety of industries. She started her working life designing and fitting out brides and bridesmaids and then worked in administration, finance, production and sales roles which developed her into a well-rounded entrepreneur with a keen perspective on business management.

Lynette ran Kwik N Kool Refrigerated Couriers from her home while raising her three sons. She fondly recalls mornings when the truck drivers sat around the kitchen table while the boys got ready for school. She generated sales and built the business from behind a steering wheel. 

After growing the business from one truck to five vehicles in three years, and relocating to a new depot facility, the business started to fail. Undeterred, Lynette always believed in her Vision, so she refocused and rebuilt it. 
Neil Findlay
Queensland Logistics Council 2015 
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"Let it be your best year ever,
professionally and personally."
The glass ceiling stands defiant and resolute across much of Workplace Australia, confronting many women who dare to achieve and all too often this unseen and unacknowledged barrier to progress is not even cracked.

In her book Women in Workboots, Lynette Gray brilliantly captures the fears, failures and fame of women who stood tall and successfully challenged the status quo.

This sometimes confronting exposé needs to be read by every company director, CEO, HR director and client.
Buy a copy today, read it and add your voice to the cause of fostering a meritocracy throughout our workforce.

Even better, buy a second copy and give it to a woman who needs encouragement to reach her destiny or someone who should be giving encouragement to women.”

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Cherie Barber,
Australia’s Top Renovator & TV Personality
What others Say about Lynette
Toss in your stilettos for steel caps ladies!
A book that will inspire you to find your own feet, do what you want instead of what you think you should be doing. 
A book that will inspire, dispel any self-doubt and more importantly, motivate normal everyday women from all ages and walks of life, to take control of their financial futures. 
This is not a book on the war of the roses, but more so, finding what truly floats your boat and ultimately makes you happy. 
After all, isn’t that what life is all about?
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